About Us

As we continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, AskA offers dependable and thorough commercial sanitizing services for your office, apartment complexes and businesses. Our outstanding commercial janitorial service provides you with trained, reliable, pre-screened, Covid-19 trained and qualified commercial cleaning staff for all your needs.


AskA Cleaning & Maintenance is best known for our Professionalism, Affordability, Customization and Quality of products used in executing any cleaning task. We are among the best in Janitorial cleaning and Floor restoration services available. We have some of the most presentable janitors capable of handling any cleaning task in the industry. We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking, Diverse and inclusive company at the forefront of commercial cleaning best practices.

We are your one stop cleaning Company! We do it all!

AskA Cleaning professionals have over 5 years of relevant experience and have been dedicated to delivering quality cleaning services throughout London and nearby areas. We specialize in commercial cleaning services and as of today, have serviced over 20 corporate organizations, restaurants, gyms and residential buildings

Don’t tolerate a sub-standard cleaning service. Get a better, healthier cleaning program with AskA Cleaning from London Ontario.

We provide Certified Green Cleaning.

AskA Cleaning is a one-stop shop for extra special services to help keep your carpets, floors, restroom tiles, baseboards, vents, upholstery, furniture and windows clean and looking great. Talk to your AskA Consultant today about cost-effective programs to maintain your facility clean all-year-round.