AskA Cleaning and Maintenance is awesome! I own a learning centre and have lots of children here on a daily basis. It's so nice to have a company that takes care of the disinfecting and cleanliness of my centre. I don't have to worry about germs!
Sarah Langelaan
Owner/Centre Director Oxford Learning London North
Aska cleaning team have been an asset to my restaurant. They were a contributing factor in the restaurant not only winning the spring up competition for my market, but for the entire city. Their supervisor is very much in touch with his team and follows up with them on a regular basis. He consistently reaches out for feedback and makes improvements on the things I point out. The team is reliable and consistent, as well as friendly and hard working. I would recommend their services.
Ann-Marie Bowman
Restaurant Manager McDonalds
Staff at AskA cleaning are super friendly and have always been available when we need something. A+ for customer service!
Raymond Hayes
Manager, McDonalds